Industrial Manufacturing

Commercial Steel Frame Manufacturing Plant Facility

Our proposed housing and manufacturing division is the central and primary community empowerment division of Global – 2000, LLC.  This division's will be established with the assistance of our partner-networks. 

The unique product line represents the newest technology design for the construction industry.  Our partner’s proprietary manufacturing systems result in a cost effective and efficient building process.  

Our A/E partnered network will provide complete support and the transfer of advanced proven technologies and training, which include a complete turnkey steel frame housing facility.  This modern advanced facility will make every family’s dream house a reality with the use of American style Steel-Frame Building System

The Program will specialize in large-scale affordable housing projects to assist those in need.  We shall work with local and international community housing groups to develop large-scale housing projects. Our organization strives to reach new goals by working with international financial and investment groups to secure grants to build large-scale housing projects for those at or below the poverty level.

Below is couple of our advanced CAD-CAM operated roll forming machines