Bioenergy Corporation

The fundamental goal of BioEnergy's development was to overcome the out-dated, labor intensive and cost prohibitive methods and approaches to environmental remediation, and bring about real innovation to the field that not only provides a multi-prong attack to remediation of  contaminates in the environment, but also provide alternative energy components. We are the developers of the NanoDx Systems, which incorporates our patented Proprietary Catalytic Dielectric Semiconducting Element (PDSE) Nano Technology.

The NanoDx Systems Technology is a powerful multi-faceted environmental tool capable of addressing many of the environmental issues facing our planet such as, the destruction of pathogens, the creation of fresh clean water, the remediation of inorganic and organic contaminates in both soil & water, and provides a quick efficient method for desalination of salt water.

The NanoDx Systems are capable of producing an abundance of clean hydrogen to be used as an alternative energy source, and also embodies a Hybrid Dielectric Self-Regenerative Fuel Cell that powers the system