Community Empowerment Centers (CEC) are institutions that provide technology transfer at all levels.Typically industries build facilities or bring in new technology that is managed by “imported” labor at the highest levels of administration and/or technical expertise.  Thesefacilities will be operated by locally trained personnel providing instruction and management.  In addition, the facility will offer training in entrepreneurial skills and business management and ownership skills.  The program will be offered to the general public, and students will also be taught as an alternative to being an employee.

Community Empowerment Centers Project

In today’s society, with a rapidly accelerating “Information Age” and the reduction and/or elimination of traditional jobs due to automation, it is becoming even more important that education and business training be attuned to this new reality.  Those that achieve the proper education will learn or be able to re-learn what is needed to succeed and when combined with appropriate business knowledge and tools will have a higher probability of success.

Current educational and/or business training institutions address certain aspects of this new reality.  However, it rarely summarized into a complete approach and integrated into a process that creates a “real-world” set of educational and business tools for the students/client to utilize as they attempt to assimilate into this new age.   Too often the communities best served by the education and business facilities also have related problems, such as, lack of affordable housing and/or office space for startup/small business supported by suitable health care information and monitoring facilities.

GLOBAL 2000, it’s network partners and the CEC address these challenges by offering “total” solutions.The CEC is designed to be a multi-functional site that provides opportunities for individuals to elevate themselves via a truly supportive business, educational and health-oriented environment.  This is achieved with a goal towards betterment of theirstandard of living, and the lifestyles of ones in which they come in contact via improved business products, services and customer relations.

It is comprised of five main modules:

  • Business Centers (BC)
  • Educational Center (EC)
  • Health Information Center (HIC)
  • On-Site Housing Facility (OHF)
  • Large Multi-Purpose Area (MPA) for meetings, receptions, lectures, etc.

Each Global-2000 module is designed to be “self-contained” with its own administrative and working staff.  This Global-2000 design philosophy allows various configurations of modules to be assembled, depending on the needs of the community.

The Center is designed to be a partnership between Global-2000 and the community.  After a 6 to 12 month training period, local professional representatives will assume management of the facility under the guidance of Global-2000and classes will be taught by community-based instructors.   All managers and instructors will be trained by our network partners and then monitored and counseled during the transition period.

The CEC is designed to be self-sustaining with income earned from:

  • Business Computer Center hourly rentals
  • Clients hiring our consultants to provide on-site training and consulting at their locations rather than at the center itself
  • Fees charged to employers using the on-site employment agency, on a per contract or permanent job placement basis
  • Office and housing suite rentals
  • Retail sales of computers and office equipment
  • Tuition

Development of the Center will create jobs, provide educational resources and be a sustainable venture.