Global 2000 is composed of experienced American and Liberian business and medical leaders seeking to add infrastructure development, business know-how and job creation to a country in Liberia desiring an internal uplift that will galvanize people to do, be and become better.

This Project will incorporate the infusion of multiple industries linked to produce bio-pharmaceutical products, provide medical care, infrastructure development and capacity building.  All are required in order to have a populated area grow into a successful, self-sustainable economic unit.

Too often individual projects come into an area in an attempt to create and/or revitalize and fail, because there is not a sufficiently integrated concept that from its inception has the people who receive the project become the ultimate “winners”.  As seen over and over, even though an area has become somewhat “industrialized”, does not mean that it will significantly raise the standard of living and the buying power of the community.   Our goal is to change this directive within Liberia and reach into neighboring regions.