Global-2000 LLC


Master Infrastructure Project

  • Housing
  • Health care
  • Education
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Power generation
  • Agriculture
  • Waste Managemen
  • And Modern Road Construction

All required in order to have a populated area grow into a successful, self-sustainable economic unit. Too often individual projects come into an area in an attempt to create and/or revitalize and fail because there is not a sufficiently integrated concept that from its inception that has the people who receive the project be the ultimate “winners”. As seen over and over, even though an area has become somewhat“industrialized”, does not mean that it will significantly raise the standard of livingand the buying power of the community.

Global-2000, LLC recognize this methodology that is repeated too often in our world and has developed a Master Empowerment Project concept that from its inception provides the following benefits that empower the community in which it is placed:

Master Infrastructure Project

Housing –

  • Affordable yet durable and attractive, housing units that are constructed using a technology that takes full advantage of local labor resources creating jobs even while the new community is being built.

Industrial Manufacturing –

  • Computer Systems manufacturing
  • And Assembly Facility will be constructed to allow the community to participate in the “information age” that is upon us, as a viable competitor.

Health Care –

  • Health care to be provided via a “de-centralized” concept, extending the reach of medical care to those that cannot come to a centrally located hospital. Mobile clinic unit are employed.

Education –

  • Community Empowerment Centers are instituted that provide technology transfer at all levels. Typically industries build facilities or bring in new technology that is managed by “imported” labor at the highest levels of administration and/or technical expertise.
  • Entrepreneurial skills that teach business ownership will also be taught as an alternative to being an employee.

Waste Management –

  • Utilizes systems that do not produce toxic by-products such as toxic waste gases and fly ash and chemical additives that leave harmful residues in the drinking water.

Road Construction –

  • Road pavement technology that uses an environmentally friendly binder that takes ordinary dirt roads and turns them into a drivable surface five times harder than asphalt

Power –

  •  Power generation using natural resources such as the wind and solar energy.